Innoss’B makes a surprising list of Congolese artists recognized around the world during an interview

Guest on the show “Solola Vérité”, Innoss’B cited the names of three Congolese artists who are often mentioned when he discusses with international music professionals.

According to him, “the name of Franco is mentioned to me, in relation to his works, Papa Wemba and then Koffi Olomidé”.

The artist then completely overshadowed Fally Ipupa, the most prolific Congolese artist currently who has collaborated with global stars like Wizkid, R-Kelly and Dadju.

Innoss’B also did not mention other emblematic figures of the Congolese scene such as Ferre Gola, Werrason or JB Mpiana. This list was therefore surprising, especially since the singer has been in conflict with Fally Ipupa for years.

Some observers see this as a deliberate desire by Innoss’B not to mention its rival, who is nevertheless essential in Congolese music and recognized internationally. A new tacit exchange of arms between the two artists which fuels their squabble.

By Joel Konde

Joel Konde pour vous informé

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